Obama's stress relaxer
December 23, 2012
Here's a pigeon-eye view of President Obama's 2012 Hawaii vacation retreat. According to Terry Walsh, marketing coordinator for Top Ten Real Estate Deals, the vacation home rents for a mere $24,500 per week and includes a 7,000 square foot main home, a guest cottage, lagoon-style pool, several waterfalls and lanais, native Hawaiian plants and coconut trees and an outside wet bar--all behind a seven foot lava wall. Inside the master home are five bedrooms and baths, gourmet kitchen, stained glass windows and lots of mahogany. It is a perfect location for the most elegant, tropical home on Oahu with views to Kailua Beach and the Mokulua Islands.

Unfortunately, Obama's time here will be cut short in order to return to Washington after Christmas to resume discussions by January 1, 2013, concerning fiscal cliff issues. It is not known whether Michelle and his daughters will return with him.

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