Roe v. Wade works both ways
February 21, 2013
To the editor:

The attorneys for a pregnant Texas teen are arguing that a minor cannot be forced by her parents to get an abortion, because the law gives her the choice to keep her baby.

The Texas Center for Defense of Life contends that the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision protecting a woman’s decision to have an abortion also gave her the choice NOT to have one.

The Center has also asked the Harris County, Texas district court to grant a temporary restraining order on behalf of the 16-year old, who has said that the her mother has threatened to attempt to cause the girl to miscarry. An injunction hearing with plaintiffs and defendants has now been scheduled.

This is a decision that a woman must make for herself - regardless of age, faith, or any other external circumstance. This young woman deserves the right to make her decision, regardless of what that decision is.....

Annette Raynor, Colt's Neck, NJ

Editor's note: Raynor is author of the book "OVERTURNED!" and a Roe v. Wade scholar.

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