Support for SEK-CAP is urged
August 08, 2013
To the editor:

I was moved to action by Steve Lohr’s recent guest editorial in local newspapers concerning the dire straits that face his agency, SEK-CAP, and the many folks in Southeast Kansas that are the beneficiaries of his agency’s services.

Many of these same citizens are well known to those of us at SKIL Resource Center. While it is true that we see many of the same people at different stages of life, our services rarely overlap or duplicate. We take great pride in our service and honor that of SEK-CAP, dedicated to the poor and working class citizens of Southeast Kansas. Yet, we know his plight and the true intent of his heart as he appeals for action for “his people.” His people and ours are us… many of us are only a missing paycheck away from qualifying for SEK-CAP services. Many of us are only an accident or illness away from qualifying for the services from SKIL.

I urge you to contact Steve and take another action step to lend a hand. He represents folks in need of a safety net and serves them on a shoestring budget. Perhaps you can help with a political action step and call a legislator. Maybe you can step up to the plate and write a big check. Perhaps you can organize three friends who can organize three friends and figure something out.

I do know that Southeast Kansas will be a much less comfortable place for many folks without Head Start and early childhood intervention, the homeless shelter or the Pittsburg transportation route. Winter will soon be upon us! Please ask how you can be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Call Steve Lohr at SEK-CAP today at (620) 724-8204. God Bless!

Dave Sorrick, director of development & special projects, SKIL Resource Center, Parsons, KS, and a friend of SEK-CAP

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