What's App?
November 03, 2013
The website Hoaxslayer is warning cellphone users that a message is circulating that masquerades as a notification from the cross platform IM application WhatsApp when it is not. The message includes a "Play" button that will supposedly allow recipients to listen to a voicemail message when it actually takes users to fraudulent websites that contain malware.

Exactly what type of malware gets downloaded, Hoaxslayer says, will depend on the device the recipient is using. The campaign seems primarily aimed at Android users. If the link is clicked from an Android device, the malicious site will download and install a file called "Browser 6.5. If users then click an "Agree" button in the "browser," text messages will be sent to premium rate phone numbers.

If users have a jailbroken iPhone, they also inadvertently may download a version of the malicious app, Hoaxslayer warns. Because iPhone apps can only be installed via the official Apple app store, users with non-jailbroken iPhones should not be affected.

They say that PC users may also be tricked into downloading malware by way of a malicious website that urges them to update their browser. However, the payload is a java file made for mobile devices and is not likely to have much impact on a PC.

Other WhatsApp scams may be circulating. Hitting the delete button on first sight of the name may be a good practice.

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