Cities want Internet sales tax law passed
January 02, 2014
Missouri cities will face several critical challenges in the New Year that need attention from citizens and legislators for communities to grow and offer a stronger quality of life.

The National League of Cities recently announced 10 critical imperatives facing U.S. cities. Several issues discussed resonate strongly in Missouri. Below are three of the top challenges Missouri cities face in the New Year:

MML urges state and federal leaders to fund existing and new mandates.

As NLC leaders stated in a press conference announcing the report, “The 10 Critical Imperatives Facing Cities in 2014,” the nation is stronger when cities are strong. It is more important than ever to take a look at how communities can solve challenges at a local level. The issues are not insurmountable when citizens pull together, form partnerships and create a working solution."

Cities “are where government is closest to the people and where real change can happen,” said City of Joplin Mayor Melodee Colbert Kean. Colbert Kean serves as the second vice president of the NLC.

The Missouri Municipal League provides a united voice for municipalities across Missouri. Founded in 1934, MML now serves more than 675 municipalities with training, resources and legislative advocacy for local government success.

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