More ugly cellphone towers in your future
March 24, 2014
JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Municipal League and local government officials across the state are disappointed that SB650, the Uniform Wireless Communications Infrastructure Deployment Act, has passed in the legislature and was signed by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon. The group has labeled this a "damaging bill."

The MML believes that the bill:

Numerous city officials from across Missouri provided testimony to legislators urging them not to pass this bill.

Local officials support the expansion and upgrade of wireless telecommunication services. However, the expansion now comes at the expense of well-established local oversight that protects the quality of life for citizens, MML believes.

“Missouri cities have a strong history of consistently working successfully with wireless providers,” said MML Executive Director Dan Ross. “There was simply not a problem to be fixed.”

SB650, by its own supporter’s testimony, was put in place to remove “potential impediments.”

The Missouri Municipal League provides a united voice for municipalities across Missouri. Founded in 1934, MML now serves more than 670 municipalities with training, resources and legislative advocacy for local government success.

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