Gobble this up...
April 05, 2014
Are you ready for the challenge of killing a 3-year old gobbler? Research scientist Jason Isabelle in charge of the Missouri Dept. of Conservation's wild turkey management program says prospects this year are good for finding strong numbers due to increased production but not necessarily in the Ozarks where large tracts of timber make hunting more difficult. We're told that 2-year-old gobblers are more likely than younger or older birds to gobble lustily and often make hunting them more exciting. The hunting season opens on April 21, 2014. Once the season starts, Isabelle urges hunters to avoid the main cause of firearms-related turkey-hunting incidents mistaking or being mistaken by another hunter for game. He notes that the vast majority of spring turkey hunting incidents involve hunters who fail to positively identify their targets. Now who's the turkey?

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