Alternative to tossing old electronics in a drawer
April 26, 2014
There's a new ATM on the scene with a definitely different twist. ecoATM is a machine that swallows old cellphones, MP3 players and tablets like iPads and Kindles, checks them over, tells you what they are worth and then regurgitates the value of them in nice greenbacks.

Outerwall, the company that provides Redbox, has introduced this new recycling kiosk for electronics. Local locations include the Food Court near Chick Fil-A at the Northpark Mall, Range Line Road in Joplin and in Springfield near Gordon's Jewelers and On the Ball Sports at the Battlefield Mall, 2825 S. Glenstone Ave.

Sample payback for popular phones includes up to $260 for an iPhone 5s, up to $200 for an iPhone 5 and 5c, up to $95 fot sn iPhone 4s, up to $140 for a Galaxy S4 and up to $80 for a Galaxy S3. To find out what your device may be worth in advance go here.

If you think this might be a cash cow for thieves, well, one might hope that having to provide ID might be a deterrent.

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