Was this TSA worker nailed?
May 20, 2015

The Non-profit organization Project Veritas has a mission to investigate and expose corruption in both public and private institutions. With undercover journalists roaming the streets, James O'Keefe the group's founder, believes that exposure will bring about "a more ethical and transparent society."

The latest video made yesterday seemingly shows a uniformed TSA agent drinking from a large glass bottle wrapped in a black plastic bag while driving. O'Keefe himself and several colleagues claim to have witnessed the TSA agent swigging from the bottle while stopped at a red light on the corner of 60th and York in Manhattan, New York. O'Keefe says that the person's TSA identity was confirmed when O'Keefe caught up with him in the Bronx presumably heading for LaGuardia Airport.

When again confronted with having had a wrapped bottle in his car, the TSA agent's denial begets the question, "How did he get the security job in the first place?" His response was, "that's from before, that's not me drinking no beverage."

To watch the video go here.

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