Freeman upgrades air flight technology
October 14, 2015
Freeman Health System and their partner since 2003, Eagle Med, have introduced a new helicopter, pictured, the Airbus AS35OB2. It has a cruising speed of 135 MPH and a range of two hours flight time or 200 miles. New technology includes a “glass cockpit” that features touch-screen flight instrument displays, rather than traditional dials and gauges. The Airbus is also night-vision compliant, increasing safety for crew members in the helicopter and first responders on the ground. Training on the new equipment took three weeks. Freeman Hospital West has two main helipads located outside Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute and one hot off-load helipad over the ambulance bay with direct elevator access to state-of-the-art emergency room trauma bays. EagleMed air ambulance also provides emergency transport services to and from Freeman Neosho Hospital. Citing the cost of a flight from Grove, Oklahoma to Joplin, Missouri, for instance, as cost between $25,000-$30,ooo, Shannon Bruffett, Freeman spokesperson, called attention to an EagleMed membership program that with a $65/year membership fee, users would incur no out-of-pocket expense. Freeman Advantage members also qualify for a discount on the membership program.

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