Assistance offered to Missouri flood victims
January 07, 2016
To the editor:

The flooding in our region has been heart-wrenching. Because we' are a local portable buildings manufacturer, and have seen what your community has faced, we would like to offer our assistance. We are able to assist with forty buildings for those in need of temporary housing, who have been displaced by the flooding. We are directing our focus on the hardest his areas in our region.

The details of our housing and storage assistance: A total of 40 storage buildings will be donated for temporary use for families or businesses, while they restore their permanent needs.

  1. There will be 20 of the 40 buildings available for 6 weeks of use. These buildings are geared toward those that need short term, and immediate help while they work out details with their insurance

  2. The remaining 20 buildings will be available for up to 6 months of use, with the goal of finding the most needy people, most likely people that donít have adequate insurance, elderly, and or disabled etc.

Applying for our assistance: Persons in need can apply simply by sending an email to with their needs, a simple letter written to us with information about their need and where they would need the storage building placed. We will assess every need, and select the first 40 families, or businesses, with the direst needs.

If you have questions about this, Please call Korey at (636) 515-8483, or Kenneth at (573) 247-2617. More info in regards to the flooding and our assistance - St Louis Area Winter 2015/2016 Classic Buildings Flood Relief link may be found here.

Thank you for taking time to read, and distribute this information to those in need.

Kenneth Miller, founder & CEO, Classic Buildings, Linn, MO

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