Blunt's true record on Veterans' issues
February 20, 2016
To the editor:

I have often felt that Roy Blunt has a habit of speaking out of both sides of his mouth. As the Chair of the 7th Congressional District whom Blunt previously represented in US Congress, I find Blunt’s repeated misrepresentation of his draft record along with his legislative record on veterans’ issues to be shameful. He votes only for symbolic piecemeal bills and fails to support adequate funding for programs and services our veterans were promised and so desperately need.

Recently, Blunt voted for a Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bill that the American Legion said “underfunds veterans by approximately $857 million.” The bill would cut veterans medical care by nearly $500 million dollars, the equivalent of providing care for tens of thousands of veterans.

In 2014, Senator Blunt opposed a comprehensive veteran’s bill endorsed by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America that would have expanded healthcare, education, and job training programs for veterans and their families.

In 2011, Senator Blunt voted for a Republican spending bill that would have cut vouchers for 11,000 homeless veterans.

Many of our friends and neighbors enlisted in the service as a pathway out of poverty, a way to go to school, and so many come home with PTSD, to face inadequate healthcare, job services, mental health services, and now comprise so many of our homeless. Roy Blunt should be ashamed of his lying and he should be even more ashamed of his record on veterans’ issues!

We know we can count on Jason Kander to honor the promises made to our veterans. We know he won't play politics with those who were wiling to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Krista Stark, chairperson, Missouri 7th Congressional District Southwest Missouri Democratic Party

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