Welcome to Trump County
February 25, 2016
Welcome to Trump County, USA "On the last day of my trip [to West Virginia], a man with a beard creeping high up his cheeks and a 30-case of Busch Light in one hand is on his way out of a convenience store. We talk about presidents. He’s holding the door open now with his foot wedged at the bottom, the cuffs of his pants torn and caked with mud, as people come in and out of the store. I ask him if he likes Trump, if he likes anyone, if he cares. It’s starting to snow. He turns and spits a long stream of black tobacco juice through the air, and then he looks back at me. “Whoever it is,” he says, “if they ain’t a thief now, they will be by the time they in office.” Then he’s gone."

---John Saward (VF Views - Feb. 14, 2016)

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