Opposition to HB 1551 is expressed
May 05, 2010
To the editor:

The Jasper County Libertarian Party expresses its strong opposition to HB 1551, which proposes new regulations for "adult "businesses. We regard this as a crude and cynical attempt to harass and regulate these enterprises out of existence. This is backdoor censorship designed to get around the first amendment. We believe that this bill would have no effect on the rights and liberties of people outside these businesses, but would violate the rights of adults to engage in their freedom to watch, read, purchase and enjoy products of a sexual nature.

Everything available in adult video stores here in Jasper County is also available on the Internet, cable and satellite TV, over the phone and through the mail. If the purpose of this bill is to eliminate pornography and adult entertainment in Jasper County, then it will fail completely.

We urge all friends of the first amendment to join us in opposition to this onerous and restrictive bill. The Libertarian Party of Jasper County is committed to freedom of speech and expression for consenting adults. We hope you will join us.

Tom Harmon, Carthage

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