Supporting cures is a no-brainer
September 13, 2006
In Response to Missouri Rep. Ed Emery's "Will You Be Supporting Cures or Clones" found here.

Dear Editor,

Scare tactics and unsubstantiated rhetoric are unfortunate facts of politics in this day and age. That’s why Missourians deserve the clear facts about Amendment 2, the Stem Cell Research and Cures initiative, from individuals and organizations they trust.

The facts are these:

  1. The Stem Cell Research and Cures initiative will ensure that Missourians have access to the same stem cell research and cures that are allowed in our country and available to other Americans. The initiative prevents politicians in Jefferson City from placing unfair bans on federally authorized stem cell research, and it ensures that Missouri doctors, researchers and medical institutions will be able to provide and help find new stem cell cures.

  2. Amendment 2 sets clear ethical boundaries and oversight requirements for stem cell research conducted in Missouri, including a strict ban on any attempt to clone a human being.

  3. The initiative does not create or increase any taxes, and it does not require the state or taxpayers to fund any stem cell research.

Trusted medical and patient groups, state leaders and your neighbors agree that stem cells could provide cures for diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, sickle cell disease, spinal cord injury and many other diseases and injuries that afflict hundreds of thousands of Missouri children and adults.

  1. Over 100 patient, medical, faith and civic organizations have endorsed the Stem Cell Research and Cures initiative. They include the American Association for Cancer Research, American Diabetes Association, Christopher Reeve Foundation, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Missouri State Medical Association, National Children’s Leukemia Foundation, Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, National Prostate Cancer Coalition, Society for Women’s Health Research and Washington University School of Medicine.

  2. State leaders from both parties including Governor Matt Blunt and retired U.S. Senators John C. Danforth and Thomas Eagleton support the initiative.

  3. Faith leaders from all corners of the state endorse Amendment 2.

  4. More than 2,000 medical doctors, nurses and other health care professionals have joined the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures.

  5. And, most importantly, 60,000 individual citizens support the Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative, making it the largest group of its kind ever formed to support a ballot initiative in our state.

My trust in these individuals and organizations helped me come to the conclusion that Amendment 2 is the right thing for Missouri. Additionally, I believe the Stem Cell Initiative is consistent with the teachings of my faith. I believe we have a moral obligation to ensure all Missourians have access to lifesaving stem cell cures. I agree with pro-life Senator Danforth, an Episcopal Minister, who believes cells in a lab dish are not human beings. The patients whose lives could be saved by stem cell treatments are human beings.

I also agree with Dr. William Neaves, head of the non-profit Stowers Institute for Medical Research who says just like the days before penicillin or the cure for Polio, we are at the edges of a new frontier. We should not pit early stem cell research against adult stem cell research. All forms of stem cell research that are federally authorized and available to other Americans should be available in Missouri.

Missouri’s state motto says, “The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law.”

It’s hard to think of anything more ethical, more moral and more important to the welfare of Missourians than having access to the best possible medical care. That’s why it’s crucial for us to vote YES on Amendment 2, the Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. For more information visit

Todd J. Loudis
Joplin, MO

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