Survey concludes school testing is overwhelming
May 31, 2015
More than 64 percent of responders reported that Missouri's use of standardized testing is too much, according to a survey of more than 5,700 Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) members. One anonymous responder's comments seemed to provide additional clarification for the result.

"Students need to be tested at the beginning, middle and end of the school year in order to show adequate growth. The idea that we put so much emphasis on a test for one snapshot of time at the end of the school year and want that to tell us how well students are learning is ridiculous."

Here are a few more key findings:

Additional feedback from respondents:

Testing Tools: "The amount of online testing tools was helpful for some children but highly distracting for others. When and where certain tools could be used (like the highlighter could not be used to highlight words in a test question but only in a reading passage) was confusing and distracting. Many students chose not to use any of the tools because the choices were overwhelming."

Question wording: "Students asked many questions about the wording of questions. Teachers were frustrated that they were not able to help, of course, but if students were confused by what a question was asking, this puts doubt on the validity of this year's test."

Technology issues: "We were fortunate to have few technology problems in our building, but due to the nature of a problem, when one person had an issue, everyone testing in the classroom would be distracted while the problem was being fixed. The students handled it well, but this year was not conducive for having the best testing environment."

Amount of testing: "Our 5th graders tested an average of 20 hours. That is only testing time, not including breaks longer than 10 minutes. Twenty hours seems like way to much for an 11 year old."

To see the full report, go here.

The Missouri State Teachers Association is the largest education organization in the state, with more than 45,000 members and over 150 years of service to Missouri educators. The association's headquarters is in Columbia, Mi8ssouri, with regional field representatives throughout the state. MSTA has no national affiliation.

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