Compliments to Joplin and two friends there
September 13, 2008
To the editor:

I am 65 years old, and I live in Maben, Mississippi, Oktibbeha County, 18 miles west of Starkville, home of Mississippi State University.

I live alone, since my Mother died on May 26, 2006. I am online a lot as it is a good way to get out. I joined the social network, myspace, and I have met some wonderful people there. Two are living in Joplin, Missouri, on Byers Ave. I met this young man and we sit for long periods of time chatting. He, like I, likes gospel music, and country music. We talk about all the singers and gospel quartets and download music on free sites.

He is so good on the computer that he has helped me from his home to mine with downloads and other problems.

I have talked with him and his mother both by phone. They have both always been so kind and nice that I have begun to think of them both, not only as friends, but like family.

Since meeting him, I have become interested in knowing more about the city of Joplin, MO, and have pulled up online pictures. He has sent me several too.

I hope, some day, to be able to visit Joplin and the area around Joplin.

I say all this because, I think, if all the people in Joplin, Missouri are like my friend, and his Mother, that Joplin is a really wonderful place.

Terry Harpole

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