Mom works to end deployments in Iraq
March 10, 2008
by Tina Richards

My journey to Washington, DC began a little over a year ago when I received a call from my son about his impending third deployment. After countless hours in the halls of Congress, I attained what many told me was impossible. I not only stopped his deployment, but he finally received his VA benefits that were long overdue.

When he called me with the news, I was overjoyed. Then he told me, "But mom there are 200 Marines here who are worse off then me, but they don't have a mom on the hill speaking for them."

I told him to tell them, "Yes they do." Since that time, I dedicated myself to speak for them. I arranged travel for war resisters, disabled soldiers, parents, veterans and many others to come to DC and use the power of their voices. We changed the debate on Capitol Hill.

For this, I lost my home and all my belongings, maxed out every credit card, was thrown in jail and lost my job with the Democratic party. I kept hoping that somehow I would make it work.....But as politicians fattened their campaign accounts, mine got smaller. Last October I took a job so I could continue my work and keep Grassroots America going. But six months later, I have realized without financial support, I must change how I approach my goals. Using my media skills, I have accepted a new job where I can continue my work, but in a different way.

I have been offered my own show on Press TV in which I have an opportunity to give voice to many within the movement. My show will be airing soon. Press TV is a great international view of news 24-hours a day. My show is called, "Outside the Box" where I'll be getting out the word on stories that are truly in that category.

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[Editor's note: A cursory glance at has discovered that it is touting itself as the first international Iranian news network broadcasting in English and although the network claims to offer expansive news coverage, specifically delving into Middle Eastern current affairs, that is unbiased, there is no doubt that the reporting is unquestionably anti-Israel. Their embrace of Ms. Richards seems to fall in line with the Iranian viewpoint that America's intervention in Iraq must end.]

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