Former Welchkin opens café
September 25, 2011
Former class of 1995 Welch high school graduate Jason Miller of Virginia is seen opening the door to the building he purchased on Main Street in Welch, OK after he had closed on the property once home to Newman's Café. Miller plans to gut the building, remodel "green" and open Cow Creek Pecan Co. & Café coinciding with Welch's annual Harvest Days celebration on October 8, 2011. His new business will feature items produced locally including everything pecan from his family's pecan orchard located between Welch and Miami. Other items will include local jams, jellies and honey. Successful restauranteur Darlene Bradshaw Winton will be chef and manager of the café that will be open for breakfast and lunch Mondays through Saturdays and for supper Friday and Saturday nights. It will feature her trademark homemade meals and attention to freshness.

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