A slip of the strategy?
June 06, 2005
In his appearance Sunday, June 5, 2005, on the George Stephanolis Show, Benjamin Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post during the era of Watergate, was asked why he thought the print media (and media in general) were not as aggressive in attacking the current Administration's deception and incompetence in the invasion of Iraq, and what might be considered impeachable offenses certainly as strong as those brought against Clinton.

After a pause, and a candid admission that he thought the media had not been hard on Bush et al, he said: And you must remember we weren't anxious to bring down another President.

I was stunned to hear that because:

  1. There WAS IN FACT evidence to believe that [the deception] could have happened and the media was aware of it; and

  2. that there would ever be hesitation to do so if it was warranted.

It is in simple remarks like that of Mr. Bradlee that reinforces one's downright suspicion, if not of a conspiracy, then of an unspoken alliance between media moguls and those in power.

Comments by Joan Salemi

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