Don't let politics dissuade you from voting
August 01, 2012
Politics has become a competitive sport rather than a debate over what’s best for our communities and country. Falsified photos and bogus issues are repeated in media, without question, until they are believed to be fact. I see apathetic people caring only for themselves; allowing their neighbor to suffer unjustly. America is degrading, where citizens point fingers and turn on each other or stand idle when their neighbors’ rights are stripped.

For those that still feel the passion, your efforts are appreciated. Lifting people up and empowering them makes us all stronger. Makes no difference my attitude toward God or religion, America was founded on those principles. Don’t take my word for it, these are not my words. You might want to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution also.

Consider these quotes:

Our economy means nothing unless we ensure that our neighbors and community have what they need. The Republican Party (GOP) was founded in my state of New Hampshire, but has become an embarrassment. Romney’s presidential candidacy is unacceptable. The corporate mentality that citizens are expendable comes through loud and clear. The recent legislation in Pennsylvania is offensive. There are thousands of voters that cannot get the required ID to vote in November’s elections. This was calculated to shut out the demographic which typically votes Democratic. Celebrating your neighbor’s inability to vote dishonors all those that wore the uniform, living and dead, who fought to secure rights like this.

What about the present administration’s performance? I am surprised we are not in worse shape, but that can easily change with European and Middle-East countries’ continuing problems. It is chilling how alike the 1930’s Great Depression is to our times; from the causes of the market crash to the dust storms (hello Arizona). Everything seems to be repeating, and could go on for 10 more years. I say try to change history and give this administration another term. I advise doing the research and voting out the bad fish in Congress, including the Senate. They make up the total package and are either part of the problem or the solution.

No matter how you decide to vote, help your neighbors get out also. It is our patriotic and moral duty to help in any way we can.

Commentary by Warren Isleib, Nashua, NH

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