Debunking myths; be your own detective
August 23, 2012
by Warren Isleib

I am part of what might be called a detectives club. We are part of a larger group debunking political nonsense. Our only allegiance is to the flag and the country it represents. Each of us has a different view of the world, but together we have a chance at making sense of it.

Five people are looking at the same object on a table. We agree it is a ball, but each of us swears it is a different color. If we act like power players there will be shouting and fighting. Users, losers and manipulators want to play on emotions to win their argument. The solution is agree that none of us is stupid, or color blind, and it is possible that we are all correct. We eventually realize the object on the table is a beach ball.

When a thing doesn’t make sense, we dig deeper. We want to know the reasons and people responsible. Always use common sense; this is what keeps us all comparing notes. It is exactly what the liars do not want us to do; they scatter like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. This season it seems most of the dirty bugs are coming from Romney’s political family. I am embarrassed by the Republican Party, a once honorable group started in my state of New Hampshire.

'Ever seen the photo of Obama not holding his hand over his heart during the National Anthem? That did happen as reported by Time media, but they did not report that he spoke the "Pledge of Allegiance" with his hand over his heart during the same event. It took some searching, but it is here.

The same image and false statements are on everything from postcards to t-shirts and promoted originally by Tea Party organizers in Michigan and Maine. The Tea Party is funded primarily by Rupert Murdoch (publishing) and Koch Industries (heavily invested in oil). Does this register on your suspicion meter? We have found the louder a group claims to be “fair and balanced”, the less likely it is to be true.

Romney claimed (his words) that he was head of Bain on paper only while companies were closed and jobs sent overseas. He was a major shareholder that had no knowledge and didn’t vote on any of it? Does this make sense? If he was this disinterested in his own money, I don’t trust him to manage my investment in America. I’ve heard the same from Massachusetts.

'Heard the claim Obamacare cuts $700 billion from medicare? Private insurance corporations will lose those profits, not be a cost to the patients or doctors. Go here for an explanation.

Insurance companies have the most to lose, and are spending millions supporting Romney’s campaign. Romney repeats the deception. Any seasoned detective will tell you to follow the money. The most skeptical have confirmed that Obama’s present tax plan will save the average taxpayers around $4,000 each on their returns, while Romney’s proposals lose $2,000. You already know who the intended beneficiaries are. Their purpose and motives I leave for you to decide.

With correct information you can identify the poison before swallowing it. I have been asked many times “How can anyone really know?” You could believe the pretty face and big wallet. You could believe what I tell you, but you don’t really know me. I could be just another carpetbagger or snake oil salesman. Your best chance is look it up yourselves, compare notes, and make sense of it.

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