People's rights revisited
October 15, 2012
To the editor:

Something Biden said during the debate with Ryan stuck; I couldnít shake it. One of the last questions referenced religious belief and views on abortion. Biden indicated that he believed abortion wrong, but could not impose his beliefs on others. After much review and consideration I can say his words sum up the basic difference between modern political philosophies. Forget the economic details, liberal or conservative thinking, or party platforms. Does anyone have the right to force another to accept his or her beliefs?

Iíve studied Iranís evolution toward intolerance, and see remarkable similarities to our Republican Partyís behavior. State governors have been pushing legislation to control or effectively eliminate behavior contrary to their beliefs, just as Iranís religious district leaders issue edicts based on their interpretation of the Koran. Individuals with differing views are discouraged from voting or voicing an opinion under threat of fines and prison. This is now true in Iran and parts of America.

Although our courts have identified many statesí voting laws as restrictive, three continue to bear watching. Republican-led legislators in Kansas, Ohio and Florida are still doing everything they can to discourage certain groups. Their words, not mine. It is their firm belief that they are acting in the best interest of the country. Restricting these groups promotes a vision for the country. Whether I share this vision or not, do the ends justify the means?

Our Congress is dysfunctional, in part, because certain leaders will not accept that they must cooperate for the good of America. The GOP has been responsible for most of this lately, as was their stated intention the moment Obama was elected. Their objective is to shape America according to their ideology, and is their interpretation of ďservingĒ the public. This is exactly how Iranís leaders explain their actions. You could fill a book with examples of this through history, but the ultimate end for the government is always the same. The people suffer horribly and eventually revolt, usually going too far the other way. Is this your vision of Americaís future?

I donít care what the religious or political ideology is, I will not support a group engaged in bullying behavior. Some will always exist and need to be dealt with, but lately it has been coming from the Romney campaign. This is a corporate war for them; this is how business is conducted, and does not surprise me at all. I have had similar criticism for members of the Democratic party in the past, but the GOP has crossed the line this year. Based on this alone, how would you vote?

I want an America that represents me. Is it ok for me to push and threaten you if you donít agree? Do you approve when others do it? If we have a little courtesy and discuss solutions to our issues, weíll figure something out. This should be the one major attribute in a president; not their ideology, but their ability to set it aside.

Warren Isleib, Nashua, NH

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