Bailout might become a broken record
September 27, 2008
American taxpayers should not shoulder the burden for government failures and lawless behavior in the markets and should oppose rubber stamp legislation offered by Congress or Bush administration officials.

We the People of America must not reward our government with more money and power for failure, as we did after 9/11. Otherwise, we have created a grand political and financial incentive for failure that will be repeated many times in the future.

ALIPAC is opposing the bailout of Wall Street with taxpayer debt because of the scale of the costs, the radical restructuring of governmental power, and the fact the Bush administration is seeking Amnesty for potential suspects who are at fault for the financial meltdown.

Instead of a bail out, we need immediate investigations, prosecutions and seizures of assets of any American or foreign business leaders who have violated laws and we need to hold politicians in DC and regulators accountable. No Amnesty for illegal aliens or Wall Street robber barons!

I have released an article titled "No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens or Wall Street Gangsters!" The article points out that the proposed one trillion dollar bail out exceeds the costs of the Korean War, Vietnam War, Apollo Space Program, Shuttle Program, and the Manhattan Project. It also enumerates many of the severe problems with the new powers and funds the Executive Branch is asking for, on the backdrop of a failed Presidency and Congress with historically low approval ratings.

They have gone from telling us the economy is fundamentally sound to a demand we empty our pockets or face a global economic meltdown with severe, undisclosed and theoretical horrific consequences. They are saying we must give them more money and power immediately or else and we say, 'Hell no!'

ALIPAC calls for Congress to oppose the bailout and to activate all Federal Law Enforcement agencies to determine which elements within the US Government and Global markets have accomplished what Osama Bin Laden attempted, yet failed, to do to our economy.

The first thing we need to know is where the money went, who took it, what laws were broken, and who should face justice.

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