Open note to Sen. McCaskill
January 23, 2010
Can you hear us now, Senator McCaskill?

Last spring at the Tea Party Rallies you and your Democrat colleagues dismissed the publicís demands for responsible fiscal policy by calling us Tea Baggers, racists and fringe kooks. In August at the Town Hall meetings, you packed the halls with paid SEIU members and controlled access to the halls. You and your Democrat colleagues, Claire, claimed the Town Hall protesters were misguided, inflamed by lies about Obamacare and robots controlled by right wing fanatics. Again you would not listen to the public. You claimed we were impolite when we asked pointed questions you either could not or would not answer about Obamacare.

National poll after national poll clearly indicated the public did not want Obamacare but you and the Democrats would not listen. Polling in Missouri showed 60 Ė 70% opposition to Obamacare, Claire, but you voted for it. Some might call that arrogance to disregard the people you were elected to represent. But, I think the real reason, Claire, is you just werenít listening. You were surrounded by men in $2000 suits, courted with the heady power of Washington, D.C. parties at exclusive cafes and forgot your Missouri roots.You forgot the people who elected you wear J.C. Penny and a lot of us have dirt under our finger nails.

Now the people of Massachusetts have sent a clear message by electing Scott Brown. He ran on a platform of cutting spending, reducing debt, and opposition to Obamacare. He won in the Bluest of Blue states. Will you hear the message from Massachusetts, Claire, of no more Cornhusker Kickbacks, Louisiana Purchases and sleazy backroom deals such as the unions being exempt from Obamacare taxes on their insurance? Will you learn the public is sick and tired of bailouts, higher taxes and sweet heart deals for the politically anointed?

Can you hear us now, Claire? Or will you continue following Obamaís economic plan of borrowing the U.S. out of debt and spending the nation into prosperity? Itís a pity, Claire, you and Obama canít set down with a Missouri housewife and learn how she makes out a budget, puts food on the table for her family and pays her bills. Hereís a hint, Claire, the Missouri housewife doesnít do it by using a credit card and expecting her grandchildren to pay the bills.

Itís time, Claire, to listen.

Commentary by William Huggins, St Clair, MO

Huggins has a B.S. in history/political science/economics and an M.A. in history and counseling (1973) from Southeast Missouri State and has completed further graduate studies at UM-C, Webster U., Sangamon State, Illinois Wesleyan and Northwestern. He retired after a career in education.

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