All lives matter
July 14, 2016
There wa a scheduled Black Lives Matter in Neosho, MO, on July 14, 2016 –on the town square. Three days later, an event for Blue Lives Matter is scheduled in Neosho as well. These and such events I find humorous. – No, not funny humorous, but peculiar humorous.

It is both funny and sad that some folks believe that such is necessary, in some ways is necessary. The funny thing though is that seemingly these, and other groups feel it necessary to call attention to their own group – be it race, ethnicity or otherwise. Why are not these two groups (and others) combing forces, energies and resources to promote the fact that all lives matter?

The belief that one group’'s lives matter more than another are a large part of the problem. There is no doubt that throughout history groups, –races and ethnicities have been singled out and discriminated against, including male and female. The one thing that should be obvious to each and every member of each group is that there is nothing more special about one over the other; –each involves human life and as a result deserves the same respect, rights and honor as the other. Just as proud of my heritage as I am, I am just as proud of the heritage of others, the history, good and bad of each.

As long as any group, whatever group, whatever type of groups continues to separate and call attention to themselves, other than human, the problems experienced by each will continue. Rather than singling themselves out, or being singled out by another, all need to be rallying and protesting for one another and the sanctity of life. Anyone who calls for the ‘special consideration’ of a group, other than the group known as humans is not solving anything, but merely adding to the problem.

There may be power in division, but it is not necessarily the kind of power that these and other groups seek. Group lives matter do not promote anything but continued separation and singling out, further division and discrimination and increased violence and hatred. By calling attention to the specific group, more harm than good is done. While there may be an ‘immediate win’ in some way, it will be only a temporary win. Look at the race relations in the 50s and 60s, they ‘went away’ for awhile, but are coming back more than ever. Think that there is going to be permanent change from such rallies? Look at the plight of the American Indians and the discrimination they have endured throughout the history of this country and continue to today.

While I applaud those involved (positively) for their involvement to seek change, I deplore those who feel that any group requires, or should get special consideration over another. Study history and learn, put your energies and efforts where they need to be –for Human Lives Matter.

Commentary is by Kevin Johnson

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