Trusting Obama?
October 24, 2008
To the editor:

All right, we have heard Barack Obama refer to bitter, typical white people, who cling to guns or religion And Michelle about never being really proud of America and saying that America is just downright mean.

And, of Obama's distributing funds to socialist projects so that admitted terrorist bomber William Ayres could indoctrinate children into the militant gospel that Ayres and Rev. Wright prescribe.

And, Obama's unconstitutional negotiations with Iraq and Afghanistan that placed our troops at risk by creating multiple and confusing parallel lines of communication in multiple war zones. Now, Obama would "spread the wealth" with tax credits to people who do not even pay taxes. Joe Biden guarantees that the inexperienced Obama would be tested by "an international crisis, a generated crisis." Do we need this?

But, on the economy Obama, ACORN, Franklin Raines and the Democrats pushed and gave cover to the shaky mortgages that have caused the current economic implosion. So, do we blame Bush, Hagel, Dole, Sununu and McCain for fighting the Democrats to avert the impending mine collapse, or do we blame Obama and the Democrats for digging the hole? Notably, Obama has invited ACORN to set presidential policy.

William T. Fidurski
Clark, NJ

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