Bid on dinner with Aaron Buerge
February 21, 2003
After the Aaron Buerge/Helene Eksterowicz face-off on TV last night, are you still the bachelor's fan? Maybe, you'd just like an opportunity to say what's on your mind to him. You might be one of the fans who thought that Aaron was a bit brusque to his one-time fianceè.

Be the highest bidder and you might get that up-front-and- personal opportunity. Most importantly, the winning bid benefits the Ozarks Literary Council, a not-for-profit organization, that for the last 30 years has offered free tutoring for young people and adults in the southwest Missouri area. The Springfield-based council addresses problems with mastering literacy and numeracy as well as English as a Second Language and GED preparation.

Join Buerge, in Springfield, MO, with 3 other guests for dinner at his new restaurant, Trolley's Downtown Bar & Grill. The package also includes two nights at the Deerfield Inn, four tickets to the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and welcome gift baskets.

For further details, go to eBay and key in Aaron The Bachelor. Final bids must be submitted by noon, Monday, February 24, 2003.

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Arrogant Aaronajd59152002003-03-12 18:41:02
Hell over Trolley'skristin149812003-03-12 10:04:08
$1,025 is peanutsanon143402003-03-12 10:00:23
I would not bid 5 cents for dinner with Arronajones3102222003-03-04 11:29:57
Aaron blew itformerfa142532003-03-03 08:52:04
Mr.Aaron Buerge No Respect!Anon140802003-03-01 14:04:05
Take a pollslangrn136102003-02-26 21:07:33
Not a good role modelcindy151612003-02-25 11:28:12
NO THANKSlolly136102003-02-25 09:48:18
not a chanceyummy135502003-02-25 09:28:48
Good sponsor of tanning salonsellie149602003-02-24 13:26:15
Find someone elseAnon2133302003-02-24 08:51:31
Dinner?Anon145602003-02-23 12:00:16
Who is the real Aaron?Ex-fan152402003-02-23 11:56:59
Why ?? is righttazzer5138302003-02-23 11:39:40
WHY?fan74156202003-02-23 08:54:14