September 04, 2016
Pilots in Missouri may now access information on Missouri's 123 public-use airports on a new interactive map from the Missouri Department of Transportation. The interactive map displays the locations ...more
August 26, 2016
The raffle of a unique quilt featuring patches from sheriffs' offices in Missouri's 114 counties is being sponsored by the MSA Wives' Auxiliary with assistance from Southern Uniform. The proceeds ...more
May 27, 2016
Consumers Council of Missouri, headquartered in St. Louis, has announced that Cara Spencer, pictured, will be its new executive director. The non-profit organization works to educate consumers ...more
April 05, 2016
The 69th Annual Original Ozark Folk Festival, that will take place from October 13 – 15, 2016, in the Basin Park Band Shell in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is accepting submissions for the ...more
October 26, 2015
JEFFERSON CITY – Calling our aspiring artist students in Missouri. Get out your art supplies and create a piece illustrating the theme “Air Sports in Harmony with Nature” for the 2016 International ...more
September 27, 2015
May 20, 2015
While driving, 4 out of 10 smartphone users tap into social media, about 3-in-10 surf the net and 1-in-10 video chat, according to new research from major mobile service provider AT&T. This survey of ...more
May 20, 2015
Gun violence restraining orders (GVROs) are a promising strategy for reducing firearm homicide and suicide in the United States, and should be considered by states seeking to address gun violence, ...more
February 17, 2015
What is happening in the brain of an actor reciting Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” soliloquy or of the person next to you at lunch saying, “Please pass the salt?” For 150 years, scientists have ...more
January 13, 2015
Fayetteville, AR. – The Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks (VHSO) in Fayetteville, AR is now accepting entries for the local competition of this year’s National Veterans Creative Arts ...more
December 20, 2014
This dog is protected, according to an announcement by the makers of Gibi, a GPS tracker they say is wearable in wet conditions as well as dry, although some criticism has surfaced regarding its ...more
December 08, 2014
Warning: If you receive an e-mail whose return address is Cynthia Jordan from Missouri Southern State University, do not open the document it contains. According to Jordan, who obviously didn't send ...more
November 05, 2014
Jesus Was Homeless, a non-denominational non-profit organization that serves the Branson area by providing the homeless with meals, training and employment, is looking for volunteers to help serve ...more
May 20, 2014
JEFFERSON CITY – The new 2014-2015 Missouri Airport Directory is now available. The directory offers aerial photographs and detailed descriptions of all 124 Missouri public-use airports. It includes ...more
April 30, 2014
If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer versions before updated 10 or 11 with Enhanced Protected Mode to surf the net, especially if you have Microsoft XP, you might want to stop, according to a ...more
April 07, 2014
Forty-five percent of highway contractors had motor vehicles crash into their construction work zones during the past year, according to the results of a new highway work zone study conducted by the ...more
November 06, 2013
A new television documentary series is looking for real time video of anyone's experience before/during/after the Joplin Tornado for a one-hour special to be shown on The Weather Channel. Home ...more
November 03, 2013
The website Hoaxslayer is warning cellphone users that a message is circulating that masquerades as a notification from the cross platform IM application WhatsApp when it is not. The message includes ...more
June 04, 2013
NEW YORK – Black people are 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white people despite comparable usage rates, according to a report released today (June 4, 2013) by the ...more
March 18, 2013
A youth group from Jacksonville, Illinois that had traveled to Joplin to help out in the aftermath of the tornado of 2012 wrote and now has had produced a song about their experiences. Turn Us ...more
December 23, 2012
Mara Verheyden-Hilliard and Carl Messineo, pictured, claim to be labeled "the constitutional sheriffs for a new protest generation" by the Washington Post. They founded the Partnership for Civil ...more
November 20, 2012
VSA Missouri, an affiliate of The John F.Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, wants to showcase some of the best contemporary work of artists and writers in Missouri who have disabilities. A call ...more
November 09, 2012
Despite minimal funding and media, and debate exclusions, the Libertarian Party nationally and in Missouri shattered several of its previous records Tuesday. The Johnson/Gray ticket garnered over 1.1 ...more
November 02, 2012
For interesting shots of New York City post Sandy go with a humorous twist go ...more
September 02, 2012
MapLight, a non-partisan political money tracker, has created a list of the top five super PACS by spending and the huge amounts they have contributed to influence voters in the 2012 election cycle. ...more
August 20, 2012
Short Rations: Ready-to-Read Stories from the Battlefield and the Homefront of the United States Marines is the tentative title of an anthology to be published in 2013 by Major Ralph Stoney Bates, ...more
August 18, 2012
MEMPHIS, TN - As the controversy surrounding the mysterious shooting death of 21-year-old Chavis Carter continues to build with the release of videos from police car dashboard cameras, the victim’s ...more
August 09, 2012
Artists, get ready to “Express & Impress” at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre. The art show and competition, which takes place from October 12 to December 3, 2012, encourages artists to create ...more
July 06, 2012
ST. LOUIS - The Cole County Circuit Court entered judgment recently in favor of James and Frances Babb and the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association (MOSEIA) in a lawsuit filed against the ...more
June 14, 2012
"The Joplin Globe Newspaper in Education" has partnered with the Joplin Humane Society to sponsor a 2013 pet calendar contest. If you or someone you know has the "perfect" pet to register in the ...more
May 26, 2012
“The Use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery, an online guide authored by Rebecca and Genevieve Williams of Neosho and founders of Joplin Tornado Info, and David Burton of the Greene County ...more
May 01, 2012
JEFFERSON CITY – According to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs data, Missouri employers added 27,500 jobs in the first quarter of 2012 – more than all of our neighboring states, the ...more
May 01, 2012
When Harvard University friends Sheryl Sandberg and Andrew M. Cameron, M.D., Ph.D., met up at their 20th college reunion last spring, they got to talking. Sandberg knew that Cameron, a transplant ...more
February 11, 2012
More than one-third, or 36%, of women in Missouri live in poverty today, 5% more than Missouri men. This is one finding in the soon to be released "Missouri Women's Report." The report, commissioned ...more
January 07, 2012 is a website that empowers people to fight for what they believe is right. With corporate personhood an issue, the site, dubbed a "grassroots campaign for change" has shown that they are ...more
December 30, 2011
JEFFERSON CITY - Just in time for the busy holiday travel season, the Missouri Department of Transportation has launched a smartphone application that will allow users to check state road conditions ...more
December 01, 2011
JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri transportation officials are concerned. After just nine months in 2011, the number of pedestrian traffic deaths is nearly equal to those experienced in 2010. In fact, during ...more
November 23, 2011
by David Burton Young and old family members typically get together for holidays between mid-November and the end of the year. That makes this the perfect time of the year to collect oral ...more
November 04, 2011
Deer hunters can help the needy by participating in a state-run program. The Share the Harvest program provides a way for deer hunters to donate venison to the many Missouri families who are in need ...more
October 12, 2011
Washington, D.C.— Former Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) and former Senator Jim Talent (R-MO), chair and vice chair of the Bipartisan WMD Terrorism Research Center (The WMD Center), today (Oct. 12, 2011) ...more
September 13, 2011
The number of Missourians living in poverty or without health insurance increased dramatically, while earnings dropped, according to preliminary state Census Bureau figures released today (Sept. 13, ...more
September 07, 2011
When faced with a question of protecting human life, on the issue of the personhood of the child in the womb, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was the only candidate to back down, according to ...more
August 21, 2011
The vintage car, pictured at right, a sexy white convertible with a 1,897 CC SC 4-cylinder engine, that singer Sheryl Crow bought in 2005 that became a family favorite was auctioned off today ...more
July 27, 2011
CHICAGO — The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is pleased to announce that its POETRY app is now available for the first time for Android and iPad. The free app has been updated for ...more
July 22, 2011
It troubles me some when the Walmart cashier isn't able to identify mushrooms, asparagus, or sweet potatoes. I don't think of those as strange vegetables, but apparently ALL vegetables were strange ...more
July 16, 2011
More than 60 entries from photographers aged 6 through 60 (and then some) made up the field of the first annual Nature in the Park Photography Competition held in Springfield. Winners were announced ...more
July 08, 2011
Two measures which would regulate cannabis for adults in a manner similar to alcohol, allow medical use with the approval of a physician and create an agricultural hemp industry, were filed with the ...more
June 15, 2011
We received this letter addressed to the Hon. Eric Cantor (R-VA), majority leader of the House of Representatives Dear Congressman:I live close to Joplin, Missouri as well as do business there. My ...more
June 04, 2011
Lisa Bondeson a nurse from Maine and a MoveOn member, has created a petition that should be of interest to people in our area. Believing that storm shelters provide a high level of protection from ...more
March 21, 2011
The Archdiocesan Review Board has concluded that the recent charge of abuse against Father John Wieberg, a priest at the Archdiocese of St. Louis who died in 1963, is "serious and credible," ...more
February 14, 2011
The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will be in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia on Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011, for a hearing in a legal battle over the ...more
December 08, 2010
A new Web-based program is helping national park enthusiasts to track and comment on projects at parks nationwide. Using this tool, the George Washington Carver National Monument would like to invite ...more
November 05, 2010
LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for savvy small business owners. Although LinkedIn doesn't get the headlines Facebook does, this social networking site offers opportunities to increase business ...more
October 27, 2010
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) currently is in the process of analyzing results from an online attitude and awareness survey. According to Chris Orzechowski, vice president of marketing for ...more
July 20, 2010
KANSAS CITY, MO – Over 2,000 NAACP delegates recently unanimously passed a resolution—as amended—called “The Tea Party Movement,” asking for the repudiation of racist Tea Party leaders. The ...more
June 25, 2010
by Mari Winn Taylor Ethical debate regarding Body Worlds and its breakaway version BODIES - The Exhibition has been festering since their first appearances in 2004 and 2006, respectively. Dr. ...more
April 28, 2010
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is releasing a video clip today that shows an illegal alien supporter in Arizona claiming that shovels and axes will be used against Americans. It was said just ...more
April 17, 2010
The book, A History of the Rural Schools in Greene County, Mo., has been updated by the author, David Burton, pictured at right, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book's original release in ...more
February 24, 2010
Missouri's historical road maps are now available online. Thanks to the Missouri Department of Transportation's mapping and engineering policy groups that built the archive highway maps for ...more
January 16, 2010
A simple way to convert old VHS tapes to DVDs has been a popular question for the CNET Community, according to comments from Lee Koo, CNET Community manager. Most responses from members of the ...more
September 22, 2009
A lone white male entered the Commerce Bank, 1311 S. Madison, Webb City on July 10, 2009, brandished a handgun and demanded money from the bank tellers. After retrieving the money and placing it in ...more
September 10, 2009
Beware of spam whose origin is apparently outside of the country (various return paths noted). The message is entitled "Notice of Underreported Income" and it suggests that it is coming from the ...more
August 27, 2009
Effective August 28, 2009, new legislation signed by Gov. Jay Nixon and sponsored by Rep. Darrell Pollock (R-146) requires the Missouri Department of Transportation to establish a drunk driving risk ...more
June 26, 2009
JEFFERSON CITY - MoDOT crews will be out improving Missouri roads throughout the summer months. Drivers have been asked to buckle up, watch for signs, slow down and stay alert when driving through ...more
April 14, 2009
Branson entertainers Stephen Feemster, Bristol Sosa, Kim Barber and Gene Bicknell, owner of The Mansion, are members of a group on a humanitarian junket to the Middle East. Pittsburg, KS ...more
March 20, 2009
Washington, D.C. – The first ever comprehensive report on bird populations in the United States recently was released by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. It shows shows that nearly a third of ...more
March 13, 2009
JEFFERSON CITY — Flooding can occur almost anywhere if enough rain falls in a short period of time. Residents of Missouri know only too well the devastating effects that flood can have on lives and ...more
October 06, 2008
Joplin Police received a call of a collision occurring just west of the Hearne's Blvd exit of I-44. The accident occured just before 10 a.m. on October 6, 2008. A motorist was driving eastbound in ...more
July 03, 2008
Washington, D.C. - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching the SmartWay Leaf Campaign to encourage consumers to purchase SmartWay-certified cars and trucks. SmartWay is an ...more
January 08, 2008
Are you one of the ones who have procrastinated in developing a tornado disaster plan? Gov. Matt Blunt in the wake of the recent string of tornadoes that hit Southwest Missouri wants to remind ...more
May 09, 2007
Spotted knapweed, a weed that produces a toxin via the roots that kills plants within its root zone, has been showing up in the Ozarks with the potential to be a major problem by displacing native ...more
June 27, 2006
The first sighting of Impatiens pallida for Newton County has been made. Dr. Stephen L. Timme, admittedly while not really looking for it, discovered it on June 26, 2006, along the wooded trail on ...more
May 13, 2006
Michael Vance, noted author and curator of the Oklahoma Cartoonist's Collection, displays the newest additions. The Toy and Action Figure Museum, home of the Oklahoma Cartoonist's Collection, ...more
February 14, 2005
My phone doesn't disturb me very often these days. The number is on the State of Missouri's No Call List, the brainchild of Attorney General Jay Nixon. So, when it rang the other day with a ...more
November 21, 2004
Many citizens believe that our electoral system is in dire need of an overhaul from unreliable electronic voting machines and millions of uncounted ballots to partisan secretaries of state and ...more
September 24, 2004
Personal web blogs may challenge the news media,” said Chris Dean, coordinator of University of Missouri Extension’s Tri-Lakes TCRC in Reeds Spring, MO, back in October of 2003. It was ...more
August 06, 2004
Where to Start Family History in This Technological Age-- Perhaps, no hobby or research effort has benefited more from the Internet than genealogy, according to David Burton, civic ...more
March 08, 2004
Floppy disk drives will soon be history on computers from Dell and other manufacturers. Apple's iMac computers eliminated floppy disks when they were introduced nearly five years ago. Now Dell plans ...more
October 31, 2003
One of the most interesting trends to surface on the Internet is known as the blogging, according to Chris Dean, coordinator of University Outreach and Extension's Tri-Lakes TCRC in Reeds Spring. ...more
September 28, 2002
Joplin Links City of Joplin Joplin Police Department Joplin Chamber of Commerce Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau Joplin Public Library Joplin Little Theatre Joplin R-8 Schools College ...more
July 06, 2002
I know there is something like a cold fish, but when a person like that starts to warm up a bit, he still stinks. "You read about all these terrorists, most of them came here legally, but they ...more