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Mistaken identity >> Editorial mariwinn
If it keeps anyone from having a limb blown off, we say to the government, snoop all you want. We have nothing to hide, and while you are at it try to stop one of those major drug shipments. Not ...more

Saving the American burying beetle >> Editorial mariwinn
A press release has notified THE JOPLIN INDEPENDENT that reintroduction of the federally endangered American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) in Missouri, according to the U.S. Fish and ...more

I am woman, bug off >> Editorial mariwinn
To the editor: (Oh, oops, I am the editor) I keep seeing all these messages from Republicans like those of John Brunner, candidate for U.S. Senate vying for the seat held by Claire McCaskill, in ...more

We're concerned about the Keystone XL pipeline >> Editorial mariwinn
Before you Republicans blindly accept the party line that the Keystone XL pipeline must be built for jobs, jobs, jobs or whatever the current party excuse is, consider the words spoken by this ...more

Blunt's press call: Was it a BS and run event? >> Editorial mariwinn
We accepted the opportunity to join other media representatives in a telecommunication call with Sen. Roy Blunt this morning (Jan. 26, 2011) from Washington, D.C. The advance on it was that he was ...more

The Fair Tax, for business as usual? >> Editorial mariwinn
Rep. Ed Emery's report to his constituents dated June 24, 2009, is entitled, "Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness." He introduces it with a quote from Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis' having ...more

Water resource coalition meets again--yawn! >> Editorial mariwinn
We didn't attend the Tri-State Water Resource Coalition meeting September 20, 2006, held at Missouri Southern State University but about 80 people, we were told, did, including John Hacker from the ...more

Blunt's attempt to justify oil exploration in U.S >> Editorial mariwinn
Many residents in the Joplin area may have gotten a pre-recorded phone call from Congressman Roy Blunt fishing for information about whether they would support increased exploration and drilling for ...more

MDNR response to stream team data: same old b.s.? >> Editorial mariwinn
In response to an editorial in the Joplin Globe, "In our view...Kudos to Stream Team," Cindy Davies, director of the Southwest Regional Office of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, as a ...more

Ramblings of a media gnat >> Editorial mariwinn
"Ramblings of a media gnat"...why the title? Obviously the title of "media mogul" is too presumptuous for any Joplin editor. Besides, an editor should be humble. I think that editors like legislators ...more

Will lack of ED drugs cause kinky behavior? >> Editorial mariwinn
Gov. Matt Blunt is patting himself on the back for directing an end to wasteful Medicaid spending. On July 7, 2005, he directed the Division of Medical Services immediately to stop providing erectile ...more

Has Joplin found its voice? >> Editorial mariwinn
Has Joplin found its voice? That would be the best thing that's come out of the controversy surrounding the conduct of the two police officers who acted outside of department regulations. If the ...more

Bringing business to Missouri--at whose cost? >> Editorial mariwinn
Pictured is Governor Blunt ceremoniously signing the tort reform legislation at Joplin's Freeman Health Center in front of lawmakers and representatives of the medical profession. In back of them ...more

God's word, dress codes & defense of breakfast >> Editorial mariwinn
Believing that religion defies logic, no one can successfully argue for or against anything in religious terms. Any passage one may find in the Bible to justify an argument may easily be countered by ...more

Does everyone want fluoridation? >> Editorial mariwinn
THE ALL MALE JOPLIN CITY COUNCIL It looks to some like the poor people of Joplin got shafted again when the Joplin City Council last Monday night blew off opposition to Council Bill No. 2004-650, an ...more

Help us cover issues important to the community >> Editorial mariwinn
"American democracy is suffering because its citizens no longer talk about the important issues," said David Burton, civic communication specialist at the University Outreach and Extension News ...more

You can run, but you can't hide >> Editorial mariwinn
Have you, like we, been flabbergasted lately over the kind and amount of information easily available on the internet? What most folks might consider personal information may be a part of the public ...more

Greetings, friends.... >> Editorial mariwinn
Welcome to our work in progress--although we are over 10 years old and counting. We hope we have become a popular forum for you (wherever you may be) to share with us your comments ...more






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