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Politics, business and false promises >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
I have this space to rant. Do I take advantage of it? Not often enough. First of all, I have to say, "I'm jealous." Long ago in considering how to be a successful entrepreneur I convinced myself ...more

More eclectic musings >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
A crash involving multiple tractor trailers blocked all lanes of Interstate 44 in Phelps County, an auspicious event for September 11. Back in the day Route 22 in New Jersey for me earned the moniker ...more

Preserving Net Neutrality >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
I just heard a message on TV this morning imploring people to raise objections to President Obama's proposal called "Net Neutrality" and how it would impose fees for the use of the Internet that ...more

Money motivation and other stresses >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
Reportedly, the terrorist group ISIL announced in November 2014 that it intends to mint its own coinage, including gold, silver and copper coins. If they followed Islamic law apparently each gold ...more

Hy-Vee, GE and what not to vote for >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
UPDATE: Amendment results: Amendment 1: Passes, 498,751 or 50,127% of vote 5: Passes, 602,076 or 50,970% of vote 7: Fails, 590,963 or 59,185% of vote 8: Fails,  ...more

Facebook, free speech and jail time >> Musings with Mari staff
A poll being conducted by c/net is showing that the majority of people threatened with violence online would report it to the authorities. Few suggested reporting the threat to the site owners and ...more

Sad song in a caPELLA >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
I can't believe that I made the mistake of thinking that, like Andersen, Pella Windows were the cream of the crop. I was so brainwashed into believing this that I neglected to Google "Pella window ...more

Guns, defects and heron predators >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
Looks like the JPD got more money to conduct another DWI checkpoint and stops this weekend, not that they aren't motivated to stop erratic drivers at other times. What caught my eye from the news ...more

Is credit card fraud off the charts? >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
As I just read Elizabeth Dosoretz's Huffingtonpost commentary, "How Credit Card Fraud Shed A Light on My Spending," I thought to myself, how cutesy, but not the point. The extend to which credit ...more

Right to choose and need to read... >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
I was glad to see that at least some people around Joplin got riled over Rep. Akin's remarks. It's amazing that he thinks women have the power to squash those little sperm and not get pregnant if ...more

A jaunt through the Ozarks...with my cellphone off >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
Those who carry around a cellphone might want to check the status of Senate Bill 1212, the Geolocational Privacy and Surveillance Act sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR). His bill and a similar one ...more

Edible landscaping and other crimes >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
A Tulsa woman is suing the City after city workers allegedly cut down what she considers her "edible garden." Okay, she had an unregistered truck in her driveway which might suggest that she doesn't ...more

Birthday dust, dog turds & other provoking items >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
Hearing a lot these days about future water shortages on TV news when lo and behold I heard some gurgling. No water came out of the tap when I turned it on. I thought the worst, of course. Then I ...more

Jewels, schools and ghouls >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
I was glad to see that the opening performance of Chicago in the Taylor Auditorium on the campus of Missouri Southern State University-Joplin was to a large audience. Kudos to Ann Lile and all her ...more

The Joplin effect >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
You know how kids seem to be glued to their cellphones but, thanks to a Missouri law, at least not texting in their cars. Next summer 2012, according to Lee Koo, community manager of cnet online, ...more

Unnecessary pain and other matters of life >> Musings with Mari mariwinn
"What's the difference between on old penny and a new quarter?" was the question on last Wednesday's Joplin Globe "Newspaper in Education" page. The fact that I got the answer to the question wrong, ...more






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