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Recognize the retirement of Fr. Wolff >> Religion jkennedy
The Rev. William G. Wolff, priest at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Pittsburg since 2005, will lead his final Holy Communion service Sunday Aug. 7, 2016, at the church, 306 W. Euclid, The ...more

Joplin community learns about Jewish traditions >> Religion mariwinn
A visitor to the centennial celebration of the United Hebrew Congregation in Joplin looks over plaques containing photos of religious leaders at this Jewish house of worship dating back to 1916. A ...more

Pope names new local bishop >> Religion leidson
The Most Reverend Edward M. Rice, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis, pictured, has been named the seventh bishop of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, according to an announcement today by Pope ...more

How to define authentic worship >> Religion sellison
by Pastor Steve Ellison "Worship will not happen by accident; it must be taught to each new generation. Laments, praises, and thanksgiving psalms can aid any person who knows them. It is ...more

Hope: Humanity's great need >> Religion sellison
People who see no hope almost always wind up in depression. Hope is a great need of humanity. 1 Peter 1:3 promises something even better: “a living hope”. The great emphasis of First Peter is on the ...more

Excuseless sin >> Religion sellison
What does Paul mean in Romans 1:20 when he says “men are without excuse”? Paul is writing to a congregation that contained both Jews and Gentiles. That fact seems to have quite an impact on the way ...more

Questioning unconstrained benevolence >> Religion sellison
What does it mean to obey 2 Thessalonians 3:10? This question is quite interesting to me because of personal connections. First, Paul uses himself and other religious teachers as examples. Second, ...more

God's questions >> Religion sellison
Throughout the Bible, God often speaks. Sometimes He pauses to ask questions. We can learn much from examining those questions. In Isaiah chapter five, God describes His people as His vineyard and ...more

The Lord IS my shepherd >> Religion sellison
We believe that prayer is important; however, I am convinced that most believers pray far too little and what is worse, mostly for good things not the best things. The Bible provides instruction. ...more

Respect defined in Biblical terms >> Religion sellison
John 3 is addressed to a man by the name of Gaius. This name appears five times in the New Testament. It is not clear exactly which one this is. What we do know is that John the Apostle loved the ...more

Hewbrews mysterious passages are discussed >> Religion sellison
Clearly, the theme of Hebrews is the superiority of Christ. Christ replaces, nay surpasses, everything a faithful child of Abraham would consider essential to the faith. Hebrews begins by pointing ...more

Proverbs 31: Choosing a wife >> Religion sellison
God asks an interesting question in verse 10, "An excellent wife, who can find?" NASU Verse 10 begins a poem that ends with verse 31. This poem lists in great detail many wonderful qualities which ...more






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