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Addictive Zyprexa Pushed by Lilly Drug Repsdhaszard332702007-10-28 01:13:27
WOW bad week for Eli Lillydhaszard288402007-10-18 07:47:33
ZYPREXA Saga Zenith to Zonkeddhaszard364002007-07-03 12:55:09
Eli Lilly Zyprexa SCANDALdhaszard490112007-06-21 18:34:50
Eli Lilly ACTOS BLACK BOX Warning?dhaszard3276702007-06-07 02:59:33
Eli Lilly ZYPREXA PAYOUT PROPAGANDAdhaszard336202007-06-02 14:42:04
ZYPREXA Activist Coalitiondhaszard244702007-03-02 04:37:20
FDA BLOWS ZYPREXA WHISTLEdhaszard2430002007-02-15 05:16:18
Nobody Buys Lilly's Innocence Routine About Zypredhaszard259102007-02-06 15:45:39
The ZYPREXA scoopdhaszard323002007-01-12 07:15:58
Eli Lilly ZYPREXA FALLOUTdhaszard294502007-01-05 11:45:18
ZYPREXA still ZOOMINGdhaszard345112006-12-23 16:17:00
Eli Lilly ZYPREXA LIES!dhaszard576112006-12-17 09:36:16
Antidepressant SUICIDE RISKdhaszard296702006-12-13 13:21:00
Bifeprunox beats Eli Lilly Zyprexadhaszard352622006-12-12 07:43:27
Eli Lilly ZYPREXA newsdhaszard253002006-11-24 05:45:22
Zyprexa for Alzheimer's agitationdhaszard329322006-11-04 00:02:26
Calif SUES Eli Lilly ZYPREXAdhaszard259202006-11-03 16:27:08
ELI LILLY SCANDALdhaszard3276712006-10-21 05:59:09
ELI LILLY POST PROFITSdhaszard320712006-10-17 14:50:12
Should you take ZYPREXA?dhaszard264012006-10-16 08:12:49
ELI LILLY ZYPREXA & DIABETESdhaszard436012006-10-15 06:06:27
Ah, the profits of western civbelleann351152006-10-14 10:56:42
My Son was KILLED by ZYPREXAdhaszard494402006-08-24 07:37:08