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book is on targetc.ann213102008-03-18 14:17:44
Bravery Needs No Talentdesoto206002008-03-10 22:27:18
AWESOME BOOK!hikergal268602008-03-06 14:47:56
Good Job Brenda and Well Writtendgross197902008-03-05 20:52:00
Out of The Cocooniwitness188512008-03-05 20:48:27
JWs Stalk Brenda Lee All Over Internethohoho181802008-02-22 17:28:30
Easy Read but not much Valuehannah193072008-02-07 17:17:24
Remove" anti Jehovah Witnesses from Threadray4188432008-02-07 17:15:52
Author of Out of Cocoon means well but…hillary189822008-02-07 16:56:48
Cocoon is mediocresimon188322008-02-07 16:56:11
CoCoon is Self-Indulgentreader199822008-02-07 06:46:15
Book is weak, Superficialreader180402008-02-07 06:44:00
Author is Whiner & Full of Herselfreader183022008-02-07 06:42:50
CoCoon is not worth reading. Another uneducated exreader196632008-02-07 06:42:30
Author is outstanding, upbeatjmasonem196912008-02-07 04:13:12
Jehovah's Witnesses are a cultcultwatc214322008-02-07 02:17:32
JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES A CULT?dhaszard264682008-02-07 00:49:37
THE SECRET IS....jwexpert182912008-02-06 20:23:53
CoCoon is Self-Indulgentreader197262008-02-05 18:33:43
Author is Whiner & Full of Herselffrank184862008-02-05 18:33:22
Book is weak, Thread being Hijacked by anti-JWskelly2964112008-02-05 18:32:40
www.Watchtower.orgjw.org186002008-02-05 06:49:40