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Arrogant Aaronajd59152402003-03-12 18:41:02
Hell over Trolley'skristin150212003-03-12 10:04:08
$1,025 is peanutsanon143902003-03-12 10:00:23
I would not bid 5 cents for dinner with Arronajones3111222003-03-04 11:29:57
Aaron blew itformerfa143032003-03-03 08:52:04
Mr.Aaron Buerge No Respect!Anon141102003-03-01 14:04:05
Take a pollslangrn136702003-02-26 21:07:33
Not a good role modelcindy153712003-02-25 11:28:12
NO THANKSlolly138602003-02-25 09:48:18
not a chanceyummy136002003-02-25 09:28:48
Good sponsor of tanning salonsellie149902003-02-24 13:26:15
Find someone elseAnon2133702003-02-24 08:51:31
Dinner?Anon145902003-02-23 12:00:16
Who is the real Aaron?Ex-fan152802003-02-23 11:56:59
Why ?? is righttazzer5140102003-02-23 11:39:40
WHY?fan74156502003-02-23 08:54:14