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why not socialismkris288002005-03-24 19:52:22
Personal attacks suckma-earth317022005-03-10 21:30:10
kris has 1 good point ... BUTbickelj299462005-03-10 21:25:38
Give me the Fair Tax Act or give me Death.sw13291812005-03-04 18:18:43
For Fair Taxabosch284812005-03-02 22:09:24
True, to a degreekris281202005-03-02 21:57:36
Kris is ignorant on the factsgaelons275702005-03-02 10:40:47
Part 3kris272302005-03-02 00:06:19
Continued...kris273402005-03-02 00:05:12
Don't Throw Away The Country That Fast!kris281602005-03-02 00:03:54