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Kander announces recount for Amendment 1 >> Government mariwinn
by Mari Winn Taylor

Missouri's 114 counties (and one independent city) are taking their time to respond to Secretary of State Jason Kander's announcement of the approval of a statewide recount of Constitutional Amendment 1, announced yesterday, August 26, 2014. The recount of the votes on Amendment 1 at the August 5, 2014 election, at the request of Wes Shoemyer on behalf of Missouri's Food for America and represented by Dan Kleinsorge on behalf of Missouri Farmers Care, was made possible by state law (RSMo 115.601). The law triggers a recount at the request of a registered voter whose position on the ballot question was defeated by less than one half of one percent of the total votes cast. Of 996,672 votes cast on ...more

Critics of the new JLT floor speak out >> Community mariwinn

Members of the Board of the Joplin Little Theatre suspend their meeting to allow comments from those opposed to the destruction of the lobby's memorialized black and white tile floor. Shown is the new ceramic-based tile plank floor, simulating rough-hewn wood, selected to be in keeping with the stained ceiling beams above.

by Mari Winn Taylor

For what could have been a nasty heated event turned out to be a civil exchange. Two members of the Friends of Joplin Little Theatre /Park Playhouse accompanied by 14 sympathetic supporters assembled at the theatre to lay out their concerns during ...more

Photo and mum purchases support JHS >> Calendar of Events staff
Photographer Bob Foos from Webb City will photograph you and your pet(s) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014. The event will take place in the education room at the Joplin Humane ...more

World of tennis is introduced to young readers >> Book Reviews mariwinn
Molly and Nick, two characters in a new children's book by Marissa Irvin Gould, can't wait to share their new presents with kids at school by Mari Winn Taylor Marissa Irvin started playing ...more

Springfield area events for September 2014 >> Calendar of Events staff
Events for September 2014 appear below focusing on the cities of Springfield in Missouri and surrounding areas. Events are posted as we get them. Come back often for updates. To include your event of ...more

Funds are awarded to extend Ruby Jack Trail >> Travel & Leisure staff
A Recreational Trails Program grant has been awarded to the Joplin Trails Coalition to fund surfacing of the Carl Junction segment of the Ruby Jack Trail. The funds administered by the Missouri ...more

Nightly delays expected on I-44 in Newton County >> Community jdmitch
Newton County – Drivers can expect nighttime lane closures and some traffic delays on I-44 in Newton County for a resurfacing project beginning the week of August 25, 2014, the Missouri Department of ...more

Historic quilts are wanted for festival >> Calendar of Events nmyers
CARTHAGE – It’s time to contact Powers Museum, 1617 Oak St., if you want to enter a historic quilt (made before 1950s-60s) in this year's Maple Leaf Festival Quilt Show. The event will take place ...more

Learn a homicide detective's hidden relationships >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Life has many plot twists. Hidden Relationships of The Homicide Detective by Herman L. Hinton (XLibris) is not a typical detective story, although it is written as if it were ...more

Court ruling is favorable to drug manufacturers >> Health staff
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on July 24, 2014, that the Food and Drug Administration is not required to hold hearings that could end the use of penicillin and tetracyclines in animal ...more

Pot sellers should get lighter sentences >> Government mgroob
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Sentencing Commission on July 18, 2014, approved an amendment that retroactively applies reduced sentencing guidelines to people who are currently serving time for select ...more

Beyond the Abyss >> Op-Ed hastings
by Winslow Myers Nothing more clearly illustrates the absurdity of murder for political ends than this moment of chaos in Iraq and Syria. Imagine spaceships of an advanced alien civilization ...more

Ruling strengthens cell phone privacy rights >> Government jbell
MIAMI – For the first time, a federal appeals court has ruled that law enforcement must obtain a warrant to get people’s phone location histories from their cell service companies. “The court’s ...more

New Springfield Little Theatre Season is announced >> Calendar of Events staff
LANDERS THEATRE The Springfield Little Theatre, the oldest civic theatre operation of its size in Missouri, and one of the largest in mid-America, has announced its 2014-15 season. The nine ...more

Oh no, a tick! >> Health ashley
In the United States, ticks are responsible for more human disease than any other insect. They are very good at this because they feed on a large variety of mammals, reptiles, and even birds. Six ...more

#Twerking >> Entertainment lynn-c
How what is #trending influences pop culture and creates something new by Carla J. Hanna The lap dance and striptease once lived in the windowless night club in the shady part of town. Today, ...more

Joplin Little Theatre announces 2014-15 season >> Calendar of Events staff
Forrest Bunter (Tony) and Lindsey Daniels (Polly) perform a number from the upcoming show, The Boy Friend. They sang I could Be Happy with You during the second half of the Encore Awards ceremony at ...more

Stone's Throw announces 2014-15 season >> Calendar of Events staff
Volunteers gather in the kitchen during meal preparation and service at the Stone's Throw Dinner Theatre in Carthage. Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre announces its upcoming schedule of shows for the ...more

EPA's new proposal generates partisanship >> Government mariwinn
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released its Clean Power Plan proposal that as expected has created quite a furor, especially amongst Republican ranks. While the agency hopes the plan ...more

lily--a true hero of the Joplin tornado >> Book Reviews mariwinn
Many stories have been written about the ferocious tornado that cut through the center of our town, Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011, but they were written mainly for an adult readership. Carolyn E. ...more

Alternative to tossing old electronics in a drawer >> Miscellaneous staff
There's a new ATM on the scene with a definitely different twist. ecoATM is a machine that swallows old cellphones, MP3 players and tablets like iPads and Kindles, checks them over, tells you what ...more

JPD has new crime reporting system online >> Government staff
The Joplin Police Department has announced a new online crime reporting system for the citizens of Joplin, according to Lt. Carla Geller. They have partnered with COPLOGIC to develop a comprehensive, ...more

Marijuana use - a victimless crime >> Op-Ed rvm2
We are told by our government and law enforcement agencies that marijuana is bad for us. They claim it makes us stupid, lazy, and that it leads people to harder drugs like heroine or cocaine. The ...more

New app is launched to check water quality >> Government jval
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently launched a new app and website to help people find information on the condition of thousands of lakes, rivers and streams across ...more

Cellphone nos. will be added to No Call List >> Government staff
JEFFERSON CITY – Legislation was signed into law this week by Gov. Jay Nixon that will allow cell phone users to block unwanted telemarketing calls and text messages. Co-sponsored by 154 ...more

09-16Library expands space for youngest patronsmariwinn
09-16Cable restraint trapping class is offeredstaff
09-16Photo and mum purchases support JHSstaff
09-01Pet Warehouse changes name to Petswaykkeller
08-27World of tennis is introduced to young readersmariwinn
08-27Kander announces recount for Amendment 1mariwinn
08-24Joplin area events for September 2014staff
08-24Springfield area events for September 2014staff
08-22MSSU to establish DNA testing lab on campusstaff
08-22Barksdale is chosen Maple Leaf Grand Marshalnmyers
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08-22RHS Auditionsjltpal
Rocky Horror Show auditions are taking place tonight and tomorrow night. There's a pretty decent
08-20it's not meawflint
Just to be clear: I AM NOT JLTPAL. Please read the original again. I will not be responding to
I forgot to sign my name to my last post "Rebuttal". I am Rebecca Perry - past Board member, past
What I find amazing is that you & others keep talking about how WE are hurting the theater. May I
08-19The show will go onsailfast
People, it’s time to cease and desist. Damage is being done and it’s not to a building. If the
08-19Defining progressmariwinn
JLTpal, whoever you are: Ceci is not alone. Destroying the floor has offended major contributors of
08-04Don't be swayed by phony commercialsstaff
Check this YouTube out: 2014-08-04
07-27Moms rally to support Clean Power Planafrank
More than 200 moms and their kids held a demonstration on Capitol Hill on July 9, 2014, to be a
07-27Whose right to farm is it?hnavarro
The "Right to Farm" amendment, Amendment 1, does not protect the rights of Missouri's long-standing
07-26Joplin offers measles vaccinationsl-onstot
Measles vaccinations are being offered by the Joplin City Health Department to all Missouri
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Ferguson, Missouri“I've thought from the start that a parallel federal investigation into the death of Michael Brown is important. I also believe that our state and local elected officials have been given a responsibility by the people who they work for to get to the bottom of this tragedy. While the federal government can assist with that investigation, the federal government should not assume the state and local governments’ responsibilities.”

---Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)

More Quotes.

09-01You can taste what you eat herestaff
The city of Joplin is helping to promote the establishment of smoke-free businesses by providing a
08-22Bids for trees wanted by city of Joplinl-onstot
The city of Joplin is accepting sealed proposals for trees for trail planting. The deadline for
08-20Set up a personalized Social Security accountstaff
As part of its 79th anniversary the Social Security Administration is encouraging everyone planning
07-05Electric bill scamstaff
It's highly unlikely that any of our readers would fall for a scam extorting money, but we are
07-05Help wanted: Administrativive assistanttgay
An administrative assistant is wanted to handle appointment, coordination, event and meeting
06-21Help wanted: Public works directorstaff
The city of Neosho is seeking a public works director reporting to the city manager. For a list of
06-18Help wanted: Executive directorstaff
The Greene County Democratic Central Committee is seeking a full-time executive director. Must
06-17Help wanted: Desing-build contractorstaff
The city of Joplin is accepting applications for a design-build contractor to work with CGA
06-17Help wanted: Civil engineerstaff
The city of Joplin is seeking a civil engineer to join the team working to improve Joe Becker
05-16Crowder College history is preservedc-brown
A book celebrating the 50 years of Crowder College has been published. The book contains


UPDATE: Amendment results: Amendment 1: Passes, 498,751 or 50,127% of vote 5: Passes, 602,076 or 50,970% of vote 7: Fails, 590,963 or 59,185% of vote 8: Fails, 538,575 or 55.016% of vote 9: Passes, 728,549 or 74,756% of vote In retrospect, I'm wondering how many people erroneously thought they were helping family farmers? What a sham perpetrated on the voters. I feel sad for the environment. Based on the results passage of the farm amendment...More

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