Bill Grigsby: In memoriam
February 28, 2011
To the editor:

Very unfortunate that the local alleged regular media, particularly ch. 7 teeeveee, chose not to mention Saturday [Feb. 26, 2011] the passing of Bill Grigsby, famed former Chiefs broadcaster--particularly bad since he is a Joplin boy, chief announcer for WMBH 1450 then in lobby of the Frisco Building....broke me in as announcer as one of his last official acts before leaving for KC broadcasting...beautiful voice, persona and mind. Someone in Grigsby's home town should remember him--MAYBE EVEN WORTH A FEW MINUTES ON EDDIE L'S MORNING SPORTS TALK....OR SOMEWHERE.

Jack Kennedy, Pittsburg, KS

[For an article about Grigsby when he was honored at Missouri Southern, go here.]

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